My Story

Brandy has been interested in art since the first time she held a crayon. It didn't matter what media she tried, she loved it! It's no wonder that she gravitated toward a career in graphic design.

Throughout her high school education, her teachers suggested careers such as architecture, and being a sketch artist for the police department. It was her attention to detail, coupled with her artistic flair, that gained notice and captivated them. But it was at the Rochester Institute of Technology that she discovered her passion for graphic design. It was a way to communicate to the world in an exciting and innovative new way.

After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Brandy discovered the art of website design and it suited her perfectly. She thoroughly enjoys the problem solving methods, patience, and attention to detail that distinctive creative work demands. To integrate an inspired design with technical expertise to present a seamless finished product is extremely challenging, but has proven to be enormously rewarding.

Brandy holds a passion for design and lives every day thinking about exciting new projects on the horizon. What will today bring? Who knows, but bring it on!