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The main fundraiser for the foundation is the Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic which is held annually. The event will consist of a VIP Reception at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo, followed by a day of golf at Terry Hills Golf Course in Batavia. Countless celebrities come together from the sports and entertainment industry for a memorable weekend of friends and golf, as well as a magnificent way to support a very worthy cause.

Some of the top name celebrities have attended the tournament in the past 25 years! Here is just a preview of some of the past attendees!

Past Celebrity Guest List:

Aikman, Troy
Barnaby, Matthew
Bateman, Jason
Beebe, Don
Berman, Chris
Bledsoe, Drew
Brister, Bubby
Clark, Dwight
Cunningham, Randall
DeLamielleure, Joe
Davis, John
Dorenbos, Jon
Dorsett, Tony
Elway, John
Esiason, Boomer
Farr, Jamie
Farrelly, Bobby
Farrelly, Peter
Flutie, Doug
George, Jeff
Goldberg, Bill
Halen, Van Eddie
Hallick, Tom
Hansen, Phil

Haskins, Dennis
Hendricks, Ted
Hoge, Merrill
Horning, Paul
Housley, Phil
Hull, Kent
Jaworski, Ron
Kidd, John
Knievel, Robbie
Kosar, Bernie
LeBeau, Dick
Levy, Marv
Lofton, James
Manning, Archie
Marino, Dan
Martin, Rick
Metzelaars, Pete
McDonald, Chris
Miller, Ryan
Montana, Joe
Moon, Warren
Munoz, Anthony
Murray, Chad Michael
Namath, Joe

Page, Diamond Dallas
Parker, Dave
Phillips, Wade
Polian, Bill
Ray, Rob
Reed, Andre
Reich, Frank
Ritcher, Jim
Roethlisberger, Ben
Rolle, Butch
Russert, Tim
Seau, Junior
Shaw, Billy
Show, Grant
Skinner, Mike
Smerlas, Fred
Smith, Bruce
Tasker, Steve
Taylor, Jason
Testeverde, Vinny
Thomas, Thurman
Trump, Donald
Wolford, Will
Young, Steve

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